This fantastic but simple device is used for all your grating needs, including  garlic , ginger, chocolate, nutmeg, nuts, carrots, peppers,and best of all cheese. For wet ingredients use the plate wet, and for dry ingredients use the plate dry. Grate with the plate and take it straight to the table  to use as a cute serving dish . Any leftovers can simply be covered with plastic wrap and stored in the fridge.

Dishwasher safe as well , and nothing will get stuck in your grate plate as it is triple glazed. Residue of food simply rinses away. Priced at $20.00 for the set of grate plate , basting brush, and garlic peeler, this is a must for any kitchen or 3 for $40.00.

The Grate Plate
  Name Price  
Grate Plate Set Grate Plate Set
Grate Plate Set for all your grating and zesting needs - use with wet or dry ingredents, dishwasher safe.
Grate Plate (Set of 3) Grate Plate (Set of 3)
Buy 3 sets of Grate plates for the same postage charge . They make a great gift idea for anyone who loves cooking .…